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Reliable, Easy, Guaranteed Return on Investment

Genesisibs Media and Marketing under its e-services, launched an innovative and interactive Malayalee web directory and its web portal www.malayaleebusinessmen.com, which will cater to B2B platform and will give every Keralite entrepreneur an opportunity to register, promote and interact with other fellow members independently to increase their business prospects amongst the elite community in the region as well as globally.

Today promoting business online has become very easy and affordable, but promoting it through right source is the biggest challenge in front of everybody... Since years, United Arab Emirates has been witnessing millions of Indian expatriate influencing UAE economy with number of different scale business units, and amongst them 50% are Keralite’s, who operate the nations growth with versatile commercial units in different market.

But do you have any guess, where you can interact with all these prominent players online… your answer would be NO, as there is no single medium yet introduced, which provide every Malayalee entrepreneurs a platform to register and allow to interact and support other fellow companions to enhance the business and revenue within the community power.

With the vision to support and promote your dreams Genesisibs Media & Marketing Company has established a B2B platform which allows registered Malayalee businessmen to browse and interact with members and let them avail the opportunity to increase the revenue by promoting their website worldwide.

With the skilled team of professionals the company strives to facilitate you with the global trading solution within the community. Malayalee Business Web Directory and its webs portal www.malayaleebusinessmen.com is one stop destination for every Malayalee entrepreneur who wants updated information on various business/products or supplier for buyers. This provides comprehensive business solution hub which will help buyers to source products and sellers to find trade opportunity and also to promote the business online globally.

So whether you are looking for a manufacturer, suppliers, exporters or buyers, your only key to success is UAE Malayalee Business Directory and its webs portal www.malayaleebusinessmen.com! This will help you in finding the right business opportunity which will meet your requirement.

What make us Different?

  • Our Objective is to serve you with the best- Reliable, Easy, Guaranteed Return on Investment
  • Providing first-of-its-kind B2B platform dedicated to Malayalee community
  • Proficient back office staff who support you with all your inquires and requirements @ 24*7
  • Fabulous global marketing opportunity amongst the community itself
  • Enhancing more business prospects by giving direct access to meet buyers and sellers under one platform
  • Reliable and trusted forum to share information and increase clientele and revenue
  • With an excellent e-solution services, we guarantee you more visibility and genuine visitors drive consistently to your website

Unique Features

  • Worlds Largest Community Business Portal
  • Frequent Business Events
  • Uppermost Customer Care
  • Zero Competition
  • Excellent Back up
  • Innovative e-solutions

Benefits for subscribers to the web page

  • Global Business Access
  • Dedicated Pages for subscribers
  • Editing Facility
  • Downloading and Uploading Facility
  • Home page flash ads
  • Interactive e- servicesÂ

Platinum Category

Being our platinum subscriber you will have privilege of

  • Dedicated web page for 2 years (Launching Offer)
  • Photo upload
  • Logo upload
  • Company profile
  • Box ads for 6 months (Launching promotions)
  • Direct links
  • Full page in HELLO@BIZ
  • Classifieds

Gold Category

Being a Gold member you can avail

  • Dedicated web page for 18 months (Launching Offer)
  • Photo upload
  • Logo upload
  • Company profile
  • Box ads for 3 months (Launching promotions)
  • Half page in HELLO@BIZ

Silver Category

Silver member will get an opportunity to

  • Photo/Logo upload
  • Company profile
  • 1 year web subscription
  • Quarter page in HELLO@BIZ

Annual Subscription Fee Details (AED)

Silver 499 99
Gold 999 199
Platinum 1999 499


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